Brilliant Color International

Brilliant Color International is a global design hub for UX / UI design and social conscious media project in New York and Sapporo.

The Worlds Finest UX are made here in Sapporo Japan.

Brilliant Color International LLC.

We are a digital agency based in Sapporo and New York. Our core team are multi-disciplined and constantly crossing over into different fields. We design projects that give a positive impact to our society, and promote social communication between different cultures via Art, Music and Technology. We collect the best mix of expertise when creating project units, bringing together global alliances and development teams, and other experts who are more than qualified to meet the project objective. Our worlds finest UX/UI designers are experienced producers as well as social media strategists. Our designers are always ready to serve equally with social conscious partners from all over the world, through highly productive work ethics and objective based goals we expand our projects out-band.

We will change the world in 3 ways.

By becoming a bridge between local communities and global communities. We build a cross field for creativity with global visions and promote ideas that contribute to our society through products and services.


By designing and producing social conscious solutions that are superbly designed and seamlessly deployable in the global market.

By producing projects and events that promote collaborations between international artists and Japan based creators via Visual Art, Music, and Technology.

Client & Partners

  • Oh!Bento Labo

    We are promoting the spirit of "affinity" that is packed in the tiny frame of Bento Box, teaming up with the most active Bento creator's community Oh! Bento Lab. Bento is a significant part of food culture that is deeply rooted in Japanese ordinary household and its health conscious approach and craftsmanships and aesthetic sensibility are highly contagious. We are partnering with Oh! Bento Labo! to come up with strategy to make their community global.

  • Behance Sapporo

    We are the organizer of Behance Sapporo community and the host of Behance Portfolio Review Week, an unprecedented series of volunteer-organized events that has spread to hundreds of cities internationally, with a goal of bringing together creative professionals. As the organizer, we design the most ambitious creative events during this time to make sure we are well recognized as one of the most progressive global creative communities.


    EX-Design has track records of producing numerous illustrations for high profile social games produced in Japan. We are in partnerships with EX-Design to bring superb gaming experience through our excellent UX/UI design. We also assist promoting illustrators from large pool of EX-design illustrators to international Otaku Market. They are core creator of the Global Otaku Culture Phenomenon.

  • Qooco

    Qooco is the global Ed-Tech company, specialized in the area of Language Learning Solutions which use proprietary speech recondition technology. We are instrumental part of their development team from product and service R&D, UX and UI design as well as designing marketing strategy both for their B to B market and B to C market. We work with developers and technologist stationed in various area of the world. Good example of our capability to work in the

7 reasons why our UX/UI designs are simply the best to work with.


We value our customer service abilities.


Advanced interface design in consumer electronics are part of our daily life.


We take pride in quality work and craftsmanship.


We live and breathe technology and designs.


One of the most advanced mobile markets in the world.


The best game designs and unique pop culture co-exist with international trendsetters.


You can trust us!

Promotion・Sales Strategy

We are the "Glocalization" experts, constantly strategizing ways to localize your branded product and services in a way that appeals to the local market. We also market your brand internationally, through our network of alliances. Let's think global from inception to the execution and delivery.

UX/UI Design・Illustration

We proudly present Japanese UX/UI product design to global developers and brand leaders. The worlds finest user experience and game designers come from our well developed culture of customer centric service which we highly value. Our staff is well trained and daily use the latest web collaboration tools to meet global development standard.


We design and produce sophisticated software solutions in a country that has the most advanced technology. We are well disciplined in process management. We use design principles to build scalable high quality solutions and produce powerful platforms that makes our client businesses thrive. We are equipped with highly functioning communication services, web design development, custom development, CMS customization, E-Commerce design, mobile apps development and internet marketing services throughout the world.

Otaku Culture Export

We Export Otaku Culture, from character designs, game UX/UI, and social gaming illustration. Japan has the most sought after illustration, manga and animation artists and we are here to help connect you to them. Our team has extensive experiences connecting and collaborating with artists all around the globe. We are always ready to match artists who have clear vision with client's who have visualization and design needs.