Partners and Advisors


Oscar Deric Brown CEO/Founder Brilliant Color International Corporation-New York

images Oscar Brown founded Brilliant Color International Corporation and Brilliant Color Works LLC in 2009 to produce Media Arts Content and a series of entertainment projects. Mr. Brown has formed distribution relationships with Universal Pictures and Universal Music and has been focusing his efforts on producing animated feature films, TV series and making guest appearances on radio shows and television. Mr. Brown is an Native American music composer and producer he has dedicated his life and his musical talent to benefit the social conscious movement. He was apart of the  Amnesty International tour with Peter Gabriel, Youssou N’Dour and others. He was commissioned to compose a symphony by the United Nations to commemorate the Life Work of Dr. Ralph J. Bunche the nobel prize recipient. He also composed for the grand opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of The American Indian. Mr. Brown composed for the award winning documentary film “Protect Mother Earth” directed by Joel Freedman narrated by Robert Redford. Mr. Brown had collaborated with some of the most progressive filmmakers and visual artists in the past and has worked on projects such as “Till the end of the world”,  “Dream island” and “Electric Painting” directed by Wim Wenders. In 1995, Mr. Brown produced a Kobe EarthQuake benefit project that included some of the top names in music such as Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarret, Pat Metheny, Ryuichi Sakamoto.  

David Beal

176e3c8 Mr. Beal is currently working with Greg Cohbert’s on his latest endeavor, “Island of Songs.”. Mr. Beal has been president of Music Labels Publishing and Radio Operations for National Geographic ventures since August 2, 2007. Mr. Beal served as President of National Geographic Entertainment at National Geographic Society since October 2007 to 2012. He has also served as President of the National Geographic Music & Radio. He was a huge player in the success of the Nat Geo Music Cable channel in Europe, the new global radio service, the creation of the Society’s music website and National Geographic Cinema Ventures distribution of the groundbreaking “U2 3D” feature film in January 2008. He worked with National Geographic Digital Media and was apart of the successful launch of World Music. National in 2006. Mr. Beal served as the president of palm pictures and oversaw the creative divisions including film, DVD, interactive technologies and magazine publishing. At Palm, Mr. Beal worked with the chairman, Chris Blackwell to implement, a multi-platform strategy, developing global niche brands and releasing some of the leading titles in audio/visual entertainment.

Executive Producer / Kayoko Tsuchiya

kayoko_photo2 After establishing a film production agency in the United States  in her twenties, Ms. Tsuchiya’s agency has co-produced numerous films, music and television productions which she had liaisoned. She was also an associate producer for international advertisement companies and broadcasting companies as well as film companies. Ms. Tsuchiya had relocated to Hollywood and started to work as an director of business development in a start up entertainment company in 1997,  2 years later, Ms. Tsuchiya became the co-founder and a head of creative division of the EDU-TECH startup company in partnership with the previous company’s CEO. Within a few years, the company received a investment of over 15 million US dollars from venture capitals. In 2008 Ms. Tsuchiya had co-founded Brilliant Color International Co. in New York while continuing to work with EDU-TECH evangelists.  She is now in charge of  the management of UX/UI development, recruiting artists and the training of the production staff.  In 2014 Ms. Tsuchiya has opened up Brilliant Color International LLC in Sapporo Japan. She is responsible for organizing the local creative community. she has been a huge influence for Behance Sapporo and has brought overseas clients to the area. Ms Tsuchiya has brought work for international and cross cultural developers in a time where this is very difficult to do. In June 2014, Brilliant Color International Co. was selected from a thousand applicants as one of two companies that showed New York’s new digital business initiative. Ms. Tsuchiya is responsible for developing a business plan which clearly benefits New York’s  media arts and technology businesses. Ms. Tsuchiya is committed to cross cultural collaborations via Art and Music and Technology

New Business Director / Hayato Hasizume

hashizume_photo2Mr. Mr. Hasizume is from Sapporo, Hokkaido. He studied in Hokkaido Art and Design School in Sapporo and took a study abroad program in New York after his graduation. Mr. Hasizume became a sushi chef apprentice in Japan, there he went through the most intensive hospitality training for over 7 years. His strong desire to spread Japanese food culture to the world increased and in 2009 he moved to Australia. The restaurant he was involved, has received three stars in the Morning Herald restaurant guide book. After returning home to Japan Mr. Hasizume started E-commerce business and exported the Otaku culture of Japan overseas. In 2013 Mr. Hashizume became a founding member of the Brilliant Color International in Sapporo. He leads the business development sector and has been instrumental in producing several creative seminars such as Behance Sapporo and Live Painting Battle in Sapporo. He operates a guest houses for in bound foreigners who visit sapporo.

UX/UI Designer / Maiko Ueda

ueda_photo2 Ms. Ueda is a Game UX / UI interaction designer. She studied in Canada for 3 months while still in high school where she learned modern art and native art. When she returned to Japan she entered in the Art University majoring in silkscreening. Ms. Ueda began working as a designer when she was still a sophomore. She announced her custom QRcode Art project during her graduating year. She worked as a freelance artist and an expert in QRcode design. She eventually produced the QR Codes for books, and for major corporations such as Microsoft, Asahi News Papers and Hoshiumi Corporation. Her success in the QR code design gained international attention and she began to work on projects in San Francisco and other Asian countries. Her exponential popularity landed her a spot on TEDxKG 2013 Japan.In September 2013 , Ms. Ueda joined as a UX / UI designer for Brilliant Color International, to continue working with clients overseas. Ms. Ueda has a blog where she keeps tabs on her experiences with overseas clients and university appearances. She enjoys game production, and was a designer for Gurafikka. Ms. Uedas design works were exhibited at the Sense of Wonder Night of Tokyo Game Show in 2013 .
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UX/UI Designer / Ryota Takasaki

takasaki_photo2 After graduating Sapporo University in 2004 Mr. Takasaki was hired by many design companies. He continued this work for six years. Mr. Takasaki has worked for a cellular carrier in Japan, gamemakers, publishing company and a television station. Mr. Takasaki is responsible for a number of UI Production/ Art Direction and social gaming projects. From this experience Mr. Takasaki has become a well rounded director. In 2012 he started freelance work, and became a self taught UI designer. In Mr Takasaki’s work deals mainly with UI design for apps and games. in 2013, Mr Takasaki became the UX/UI designer for Brilliant Color International. He does not limit himself to domestic clients, Mr Takasaki has branched out to overseas clients and is working on many international projects.